The Guidry LIFE Party

Welcome to our life party 🙂

Thank you to everyone who came out and celebrated with us – make sure to watch the videos, who knows.. you may see yourself

To others who want the full experience, hopefully this will help you get a feel for what our celebration was all about. I want to encourage you to watch every video in the order they are posted… they build on each other to show our life and our journey through the great, through the trails… Thank you for taking the time to share in our day even from your personal computer ❤

Those who don’t have the time to walk through this day with us, you can just view the pictures as you scroll down.

Life Party Getting Ready

Set up, worship practice and getting ready for The Life Party to begin


Everyone Watching The Amazed Video (which is below) – Sam and I were outside of the Worship Center during this part
Starting - Watching Amazed Video

Opener Video: Song – Amazed by Lonestar – Video put together by Susan Belrose
The start of our love journey – 2001 thru 2004

Pastor Tim’s Welcome and Opener:
Life Party 019He shared about how we met and our families became super close – and that people often say that Tim and I are like a brother and sister, probably because he is always teasing me ha! He also shared about how people also say we share a brain lol… and shared the lovely story about how we both have a deep fear that we will accidentally put our hand down the disposal when it is running.

We showed the video: Song – Praise You in This Storm by Casting Crowns – Video put together by Susan Belrose
A painful journey 2004 thru 2010

Curtis Klots and worship team sang – We Still Believe – Sam and I walked in at this point and stood together at the front, along with our family, to declare that even though the journey has been hard, we still believe.
We Still Believe

Video: We Still Believe by Kathryn Scott – I made this video with life party pictures.

Vow Renewal:
Life Party 027
A little blip of the vows

John and Julie Guidry read 2 Timothy 1:6-10,13&14
2nd Tim 1

We showed the video: Give Me Your Eyes by Brandon Heath – Video put together by Susan Belrose This video is about our transition into full time ministry 2010-2012

Life Party 033

The worship team lead us in the song – Your Love Never Fails
Life Party 034Here is a video I made of the song Your Love Never Fails this one is performed by The Newsboys – it is a celebration video – all Life Party pictures are included in this video

George and Sarah Williams read Romans 5:1-8
Romans 5

We showed the video – song: I Need You Now by Plumb – Video made by Susan Belrose
Video of the Cancer Walk

Worship team sang – Never Once
Never Once
Video – Never Once by Matt Redman – video put together by me – pictures of the life party are added

Nisa Faith’s Dedication to the Lord

Watching Nisa's Dedication Video

Watching Nisa’s Dedication Video

We watched the video – songs: Healer by Plantetshakers and Great I Am performed by Philips, Craig and Dean – Video put together by Susan Belrose

Nisa's Dedication

Nisa’s Dedication

Worship Team sang – Worth it All
Worth it All

Video – Worth it All by Meredith Andrews – Video put together by me – pictures of the Life party

The last video shown – You’re Still the One by Shaina Twain – a celebration of our love to end out the ceremony

Here are some more pictures of our dear loved ones  ❤

Group Pictures 1Group Pictures 2Group Pictures 3Group Pictures 4Group Pictures 5Group Pictures 6

Family Pictures

Family Pics 1Family Pics 2Family Pics 3

Robert presented me with a beautiful necklace. Very special indeed!

Robert presented me with a beautiful necklace. Very special indeed!

It was an incredible day – thank you for sharing it with us ❤

A special thanks to Tom Grant for the amazing photos – he took all of them (even though I forgot to give him credit on each one… oops – sorry)…. thanks to those who volunteered in the childcare, those who were ushers and greeters – and to Curtis and all the other worship team members, also thanks to our media and sound person – it was a busy service for you, we seriously couldn’t have done it without all of you! And mom, thank you for the beautiful videos you did that displayed our life, they moved me and others greatly!

About Allana Jane Guidry

I am: .... a child of MY KING .... sweet and kind .... filled with many flaws .... a mom of many (3 at home, 2 away, in-law to 1) .... extremely married .... Leukemia and Bone Marrow Transplant survivor .... finding True Beauty .... learning to fly
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