Day 89: 90 Day Faith Walk Challenge

Day 89, Thursday, April 2nd



We are almost to our last day of our challenge. Thank you all for walking this road with me. It has been a huge blessing to me (and I am sure to so many others) reading Faith stories from some of my dearest friends. These ladies are all from the Facebook Group I started in July 2014, called True Beauty. We would love to put you on our waiting list (Membership will open back up at the end of this month). If you are wondering if True Beauty is for you, here is a check list to see if it will be a good fit.
 You are active on Facebook at least weekly.
 You are trying to lose weight – eat healthier – maintain your weight.
 You are looking for support and encouragement while making healthier choices in your life.
 You have found victory in your life and you want to share that hope with other women who are trying to find victory in their own lives – we are always looking for mentors.
 You need an accountability group to help you stay on the right course.
 You have a supportive and encouraging attitude. There is no room for judgement in our group.
The biggest rule at True Beauty is that you must post or comment at least once a week. However, I have found that those who only post once a week don’t often stick around for long, because they don’t form friendships with the ladies. True Beauty is a safe place for ladies to share their deepest parts of their hearts knowing that no one will judge them, and yet will encourage them towards God’s Truth! In the last 9 months we have watched Marriages grow stronger, relationships between parent/child restored, miracles with financial issues, and faith grown to new levels, as well as weight loss. We have seen each other through deaths of family members, job losses, and some situations get tougher and tougher, but we love each other through them and encourage each other to keep on going.
If True Beauty sounds like an answer of prayer to you; please contact me on Facebook and I will put you on the waiting list. We will be slowly adding ladies to the group at the end of April through May.
Here are some more short testimonies from some more of my True Beauty ladies.

God-Story #1
When my hubby and I first got together and then married, he made certain promises to me. Some big and some small. He promised me contact lenses, got those. He promised me a trip to Las Vegas, did that. He promised me to always love me, no problem there. There were a few others that he took care of. The big one was, my own home. Well that one was a tough one. We had been together many years and that one still hadn’t happened yet. We lived on one income, so it was at times tough to make ends meet. Once his health started to go downhill some, he started really sweating that promise. He started praying, asking God’s help on this promise. Well of course God’s timing is not out timing, but his timing is perfect timing. In Sept of 2005, he was able to keep the big promise. We got a house, not a mansion, but our own home. It needed work but hey doesn’t most houses. He was so relieved, he told me and others that, now he could die in peace. He had no worries left. He knew I had my own home. October 2005 we moved in. Sadly January 10, 2006, he died. As heartbreaking and horribly sad that is. I had so many blessings and answered prayers. We got to have a couple of good months in our home. We had a great Christmas. My hubby was able to keep his last promise to me.



God-Story #2
At the first home we owned, which came to us as a miracle itself, the original owner/builder had planted 2 pine trees on the front & back corner of the house. The pines were huge, overtaking the area, growing over the roof and pressing into the house. My husband trimmed the trees to the roof line. He was practical, I was sad! (Trees take a long time to grow.) BUT, even after the trimming, the trees continued to grow! You wouldn’t see the growth in the summer, fall or winter. In the spring the light green growth popped out of the paper like brown husk on the tips of the branches, the pine cones would grow at the tops of the trees! Then you saw GROWTH & FRUIT!
I think in our lives it is like that as well, we are growing, even in “trimming” or pruning times-but we might not see the evidence of the growth until a “seasonal change”. It was for the benefit of the homeowner to protect the gift God has blessed us with, so the trimming took place. It was for the blessing of the home dweller to enjoy the fruits of that labor as well, shade, birdsong, protection from the wind & storms, even health etc. God is good, he brings to completion what he begins and has purpose in His plans: He is the All Wise God! Be encouraged sweet sisters.



God-Story #3
My testimony of the last 90 days is This Perseverance in faith in Christ Jesus pays every time. I don’t believe things happen in our timing but we hurry blessings away they happen in God’s time because is a God of perfection and abundant Blessings and does not want you too miss out. Just in these last few weeks Mom and I had to keep getting things shut off and bills are behind I have put in application after application and resume after resume…. But then I ran a post in my Facebook news feed of a job opening with immediate start and fairly good start pay I messaged the post and went back and forth I was asked in for an interview and it took two days before I was offered the job I love it have had only a minimal amount of panic attacks and even was blessed with a very nice bonus my second week….. Be faithful and Christ will always Show Himself Faithful.



God-Story #4
I have never attempted to write anything about my life before. I have a very normal life. I didn’t know my Savior as a child or a teen. I knew He was out there but not for me. There was a lot of drinking in my young world … a lot of pain both physical and mental… I thought all kids grew up with this being in there world. At a young age a wonderful man came into my world and I married him at eighteen. My husband showed me what love is. Then soon he taught me who God is and took me to church. Several beautiful children later I’m still deep in the arms of my Lord. I know that I am His beloved. I know He knows me even more than I know myself. Finding this group and having these incredible ladies care about me and allowing me to care about them has been and incredible ride. I have a great amount of negativity at my work and my share of problems at home. Everyone does. But getting on line for a while with my dear friends and praying for them is a wonderful blessing. I love you ladies. Each one of you. Thank you for sharing my world.


One more day people ❤

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I am: .... a child of MY KING .... sweet and kind .... filled with many flaws .... a mom of many (3 at home, 2 away, in-law to 1) .... extremely married .... Leukemia and Bone Marrow Transplant survivor .... finding True Beauty .... learning to fly
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