About Me

I am:  a child of the King, a wife, a homeschool mom, an urban missionary at The Lewis House

I love: pink, butterflies, children, my husband, my children, my Lord and Savior, zoos, the beach, swimming, hiking, walking, camping, pine trees, the wind, the smell of seasons changing, ice tea, 70 degree weather, sunshine, sunrises, sunsets, clouds, stars, the outdoors, being quiet, listening, praying, communicating, Facebook (not necessarily in this order)

Me: kind, sweet, giggly, passionate about everything, caring, tenacious, quiet, thinker, feeler, dreamer, far from perfect, many flaws, trying to be changeable!

I enjoy: Christianrock.net, YES FM 89.3 in Toledo, Powerpraise.net, being at church, doing outreach, being with people, laughing (okay giggling), worshiping, teaching kids about worship and having a personal relationship with Jesus, dancing, being with my family, hosting, cooking, driving, being alive

Okay so that is me in a nutshell – but mainly – I am just learning how to fly

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